Meeting Minutes

Patoka Lake Watershed Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2018 at 5:00pm

September 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm @ District Office


The meeting was called to order by Carla Striegel-Winner with Dubois Co. Solid Waste, Chairman.  Those present were: John Wade, Greg Carpenter with US Army Corps of Engineers, Judi Brown with Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District, Nicholas Servis with Vincennes University Jasper,  and Doug Merkel with Patoka Lake Regional Water District.


Nicholas – Very busy with work. Spread pretty thin.


Doug – Patoka is doing well. AOP system has been turned on to prevent taste and odor events.



-          Water level is up a little with the large amount of rain.

-          Looking at revamping the dam tower this winter.



-          Getting ready for Folk Fest.

-          Planning fall cleanup event on the other side of the watershed.





-          Getting ready for Folk Fest – focusing on reusables rather than throw away plastics.

-          Getting ready for Creek Sweep.

-          October 28 medication collection day.


Financials: Have $2,222.68 in the bank. Spent $2,783.70 for cleanup. Want to look at buying vests and grabbers. Also, should consider looking at a nice display.


October 13 Refuge Day – At Oakland City. Friends of Patoka Wildlife Refuge Appreciation Day from 10-3. Do we want to have some kind of booth? Maybe some sort of kid’s activity or water testing? Could potentially co-booth with Middle Patoka in their booth. John will be there and would be willing to head this up. Take the banner, brochures, map, cleanup day pics, etc. Julie offered to share the macroinvertebrates display. Carla will let Julie know John will be there. John will ask Carla to send contact info for a place to produce pictures / poster of the cleanup.


October 20 Fall Clean Up Event at Youngs Creek – Carla is heading this up. Small cleanup from 9-11 am. Small parking area. Won’t be able to take too many volunteers. Inviting kayakers to bring their kayaks. Would like to supply snacks for the event. All agreed. Patoka to provide trash bags, yellow signs, and gloves.


Grants, etc. – Dubois REC (November deadline), JETT (November deadline) – interpretive panels? additional tours? Watershed model?


Signs – Entering watershed sign by overlook on SR 164. Take a group picture on a sign and say keep clean and stay safe.


Nutrients – Educational piece maybe mailed to target audience to think about conservation methods that can protect the watershed or maybe look at billboard or sign in target areas.


Next Meeting will be Wednesday, October 10, at Patoka office at 4 pm. Will work on grant applications and make sure ready for Refuge day. November meeting will be a pizza party planning meeting for 2019 on Wednesday, November 7, at Patoka office at 4 pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Patoka Lake Watershed Clean-Up Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2018 at 4:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by Carla Striegel-Winner, Committee Chairman. Those present were: John Wade, Greg Carpenter, Whitney Buechler, Nicholas Servis, Judi Brown, and Doug Merkel.

Approved minutes from August 21, 2018 meeting.


DNR sign in/prizes/shirts (Whitney):

-          Scouts didn’t fill out release forms ahead of time. Include in press release next year that groups should fill out release forms in advance.

-          Name booths rather than use letters… or a combination. Bigger labels.

-          Shirts ran out quickly. More people than planned. Order 250 shirts next year. Ran out of small, mediums, extra-large. Need to order more youth shirts and smalls.

-          Prize board worked well. Should continue.


Safety Talk (Jon Watkins) – He enjoyed doing it. Would like to come back next year. May want to have examples of trash not to pick up. Should look into making a brochure or poster. Need to have his area marked off because people couldn’t tell where it was.


Map Assignment (Doug):

-          Ask PLAY to provide maps for everyone.

-          Divide locations up with subleaders to help keep everyone busy.


Supplies (Judi/John):

-          A lot of bags left.

-          Hard talking over each other. Too congested between booths.

-          Gave vests/grabbers to all people. Should try to give 1 or 2 to each group. Make sure grabbers are behind tables and handed out rather than picked up by volunteers.

-          Should buy more supplies (vests/grabbers).

-          Get 1 person from group to get supplies, etc.

-          Ran out of gloves from the table. Need to make sure they have plenty of gloves.

-          Prepackage supplies in a bag or encourage volunteers to bring backpacks.


Recycling (Tina) – More gloves for the event.


Water (Tina) – Okay


Repellent/Sunscreen (Greg) – No issues.


Food Prep (Jeff/Doug) – Maybe too close to serving line.


Food and Music Area:

-          Music worked fine. Just needs an outlet.

-          Food area – let them serve themselves and have at least 2 lines. More hotdogs.

-          Worked well letting everyone loose to go to prize table and food line.


Parking – Excellent job.


Hand Washing Station was great. Should continue this.


Port-a-Pot – Was good to have.


Truck Routing – Worked well. Location at Corps office was great. Filling the truck while everyone was taking pictures was difficult.



-          Word got out well. Everyone heard about it. Maybe could reach out more to Orange County.

-          Facebook page went well. People were excited about the event.


Pictures - Ladder for the group picture was great. Make sure and do it again.


Signs – Comments that some saw signs and came.


Thank Yous:

-          Need to draft letter (Doug) and send to Carla.

-          Give signs or send certificates to sponsors showing they participated.

-          TransCanada brought a lot of nice prizes (tools).



-          Should try to engage PLAY next year early on. Maybe their members could provide prizes?

-          Maybe make a poster or display of news articles/pictures.


Cleanup Day Next Year – Saturday, August 24, at the Corps office again.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm. Next meeting will be scheduled in 2019.

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